RDP Gateway service

RDP Gateway service
RDP Gateway is good if you need to have your RDP service open for a wider range of users spread over several countries, we have an RDP Gateway service.

Works quite simply as a middle gateway with SSL over port 443, login at gateway first and then your own login to your RDP server, you only need to open for the Gateway IP in your firewall, standard RDP client no extra software just add the Gateway and login for that.

How to deploy

  1. Order as many concurrent connections needed
  2. Address of RDP server (IP/port)
  3. Accounts for the user’s login at the Gateway (not the same as on the RDP server)
  4. Optional remote address spaces that should be allowed to access through the Gateway
  5. Add gateway settings in client then go!

  6. No this isn’t a bulletproof solution, but it adds a layer of security for your own RDP service
  7. No, we cannot offer SMS or APP 2-factor login
  8. We have a high-speed connection in central Europe with low delays
  9. SLA 99% per month

Price example 10 users, setup 30 euro, 3 euro per user/month