Cache refresh (Prime or warmer)

Cache refresh (Prime or warmer)
If you are in need of a cache refresher for your website we have it for you, works simple like a sitemap crawler, you have a sitemap, we read it as a cron job and get all pages according to the map, you should have a standard XML sitemap(or several) with public pages and decide how often you like it to run.

How it works

  1. Full url to sitemap(s) http or https
  2. Schedule times for running
  3. In case of failure you will have an automated email from the cron job
  4. Somehow you have to prove it’s your web of course so we not disturb someone else

  5. No we do not save anything on the server, nothing at all, not in our interest.
  6. Yes we have customers with large web together with CDN, and also just small websites on shared hosting, no problems so far.
  7. We put up this server for one and only reason that we never seamed to get our caching system to work with local scripts and needed actual request from “outside”
  8. It’s a single sever with a static ip and a reverse hostname so it’s easy to spot in your logs

    Good to know, if you have a large site with a lot of pages it will of course be many requests so maybe you need to adjust request limits if you have harden the service tight, some split into several sitemaps just to release the pressure a bit.

    Example: One web sitemap every second hour = 1 Euro/Month